Learn C++ and Special Relativity

This page is dedicated to a taught course regarding beginner C++ and Special Relativity for A-Level students. The links below provide the material for the course. It is very much a work in progress, comments and feedback are welcome. Feel free to post questions on this page! I recommend the following link to CodePad which will allow you to compile and run code online, if you do not have a linux distro or GNU g++ installation.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Relativity – PowerPoint presentation Theory 1 (pptx) or in pdf Theory 1 (pdf)

Lesson 2: Vectors, Scalars and coordinate transformations – PowerPoint presentation Theory 2 (pptx) and a pdf Theory 2 (pdf)

Lesson 3: Rotation Matrices – PowerPoint presentation Theory 3 (pptx) and a pdf Theory 3 (pdf)

Lesson 4: Time SR – Dilation, Length Contraction & E=mc2 – PowerPoint presentation Theory 4 (pptx) and a pdf Theory 4 (pdf)

Lesson 1: Basic Introduction to C++ Hello World – PowerPoint C++ 1 (pptx) or in pdf C++ 1 (pdf) and handout material L1 – The Coders Cookbook

Lesson 2: Variable type, Scope and Functions – PowerPoint C++ 2 (pptx) or in pdf C++ 2 (pdf) and handout material L2 – Computer Jargon

Lesson 3: References and Conditional Statements – PowerPoint C++ 3 (pptx) or in pdf C++ 3 (pdf) and handout material L3 – Computer Jargon

Lesson 4: – PowerPoint C++ 4 (pptx) or in pdf C++ 4 (pdf) and handout material Computer Jargon – L4

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